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Set in a police state coping with an Artificial Intelligence insurgency, ARTIES is a coming- of-age tale about a disillusioned South Asian teenage boy from the suburbs who enters an unlikely partnership with an Indigenous woman to evade government forces and deliver a necklace that holds the key to turning the tide in the Arties civil rights movement.

Simultaneously a strong, unseen sci-fi world with a multicultural mandate in front of and behind the camera, and a metaphor for the refugee crisis and the climate catastrophe we face today, Arties is science fiction at its sharpest and most socially relevant.


For the purposes of funding with the Independent Production Fund and the Bell New Media Fund, we will be producing a low-budget spec trailer in Edmonton on February 2-3, 2019


SUBMIT RESUMES TO SHANT JOSHI (shant@faepictures.com)

1st Assistant Director

Production Designer

Art Director


Hair / Makeup Artist

Art Production Assistant

VFX Artist



Speaking roles - $125/day

Non-speaking roles - $25/day

MITCH SELBY - 15 to 25 years old, South Asian, male. 
Mitch Selby has led a rough life for a suburban kid, losing his mother early and given himself over to keeping a relationship with an overprotective yet distant father. He’s disconnected socially and politically, more concerned with being a teenager and trying to get laid than the world around him. All of the troubles in the world fade into the background for Mitch until he meets Mary; then suddenly it’s like a light goes off in his head. The smallest, briefest encounters are the ones that give us the most hope, and Mitch forming, quickly in the way only a teenager could, a genuine emotional relationship for the first time in his life gives him a purpose.

INDIRA NGARO - 35 to 50 years old, ethnically ambiguous, female. Must be able to speak with a Capetonian accent.
Having given over her entire life to an insurgent Arties rights group called The Brainwash Collective, Indira knows no peace, hoping to find it somehow. She’s as clueless about the information they’re taking back to the Collective’s HQ in Hesperides as Mitch is, but she’s been told it will bring about an end to what they’re fighting for. After being with the group for almost thirty years, she’s ready to do what it takes to make sure that the information goes where it needs to go, even if she starts to feeling like she’s just a pawn in a game she can’t see in its entirety.

MR FACE - 25 to 50 years old, all ethnicities, male.
He wears a boxy mask that produces pixelated emojis based on what he’s saying. His voice is processed through a gravelly, broken synthesizer. Is he even a he? Who knows? He is, however, part of a shadowy cult-like group called the Mediators, dedicated to preserving the status quo by any means necessary, for reasons known only to them. For Mr. Face, there can be no robot uprising, and there can be no Artie extinction. The ongoing conflict must be ongoing, and he must find and destroy the necklace before anyone else can make use of it. It’s his only, ruthless purpose.

TH43 - 40 to 60 years old, all ethnicities, male. 
The 43rd person to have given over 50% of his body to cybernetics, 43 is an old priest in the Human Hall, a church that worships Arties and transhumanism, believing humanity will have been saved when the two species have successfully and truly come together. He aids Mitch on his journey, believing the necklace holds the key to transhumanism. All that said, he has doubts, having come from the Catholic faith and unsure of what giving over his body means for his life after death.

TOM - 40 to 70 years old, all ethnicities, male. 
An old man who speaks with a strange cadence, a stutter of sorts.