Engaging audiences with stories rooted in perspectives of "the Other." 


Fae Pictures Inc. is a film production company based in Los Angeles and Toronto. Our mission is to enable artists to make their art in a commercially viable and sustainable way. We focus on stories that are told from the perspective of the Other.

While working primarily in the realm of narrative features, Fae Pictures is also involved in the creation of web series and short-form content. We get involved as early as development and foster projects through to their life on the screen.

Fae Pictures is a sister company to Toronto-based production house, Paper Frame Pictures.


Fae Pictures was founded by Shant Joshi, a queer Indo-Canadian film producer.  Shant has worked with a number of well-respected filmmakers including Ingrid Veninger on her fem-queer coming-of-age feature Porcupine Lake, John Greyson on his queer surrealist features Last Car and Jericho, and Mathew Murray on his hit-drama web series Teenagers: Season 2. Shant has produced over 12 short films that have screened at film festivals all over the globe in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Florence, Melbourne, and Sydney.