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Untitled CFC/Fae Pictures Short

Produced as a part of the Cineplex Film Program at the Canadian Film Centre

Genre: Drama Status: Pre-Production

Set in Canada 1998, a sexually curious Syrian girl, bullied at her summer camp for her hairy legs, discovers the wide world of soft-core pornography on the newly connected internet and decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Last Car

Directed by New Queer Cinema filmmaker John Greyson

Genre: Queer Surrealist Drama Feature                   Status: Post-Production

When transgendered archivist Mars Brito gets into an accident, he falls into a fugue state encountering two realities. The first is his dull regular life as an archivist reimagining historical figures as queer icons and in the other reality, Mars is the victim of a bizarre murder mystery plot surrounded by transit politics.

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